Second owner, Gunnar Tellander on command, as commander of the Frivilliga Motorbåtsflottiljen, Voluntary Motorboat Corps, during WW1. 




The latest works have been the three layers of varnish on the decks.

Motoryacht Thelma 1916

The Motoryacht Thelma was bulit in 1916 at Eriksbergs Varv for the Owner Erik Flobeck. This homepage is showing the restoration process as it progresses. 

Anell Båtbyggeri in Värmdö restores Thelma IV, the Motoryacht that started it´s life as the flagship of frivilliga motorbåtsflottiljen during WW1. Later, she was called Gladan, Vipan, Intra, Valkyrian II, Valfrid and lastly Vinga.

The yacht is super rare. There are only a handfull of the large swedish motoryachts left from the 1910s. The drawings were made by CG Pettersson. Each yacht from this time was a one-off build. They make a fascinating document of their time. They were entierly made by hand.

The entire history of the yacht have been preserved to posterity thanks to this project. 

The yacht was in very bad conditiion when we bought it. It needed total rebuilding in many ways. It is incredibly laborious to build a yacht like this. Although, when ready, it will be one of the very few original yachts left in condition as new. It will with it´s new stainless ribs be able to outlive many of its coming owners. 

During 50 years the yacht was used in commersial service on the route Göteborg - Styrsö, so she may be considered very suitable for small charter events. 

We are looking for a financier or a new owner to this project, that has the financial capacity to finish the project properly. 

If you interested, give us a note on the contact site